Urban Gardening

I love my urban garden! Living in a city, you have to think a bit out of the box to surround yourself with beautiful and edible things, but it can be done.

I found these planters while staying in Miami, Florida for NYE2018. They are called Wally Eco Pockets. Made from 100% recycled milk jugs, I have diverted about 184 plastic jugs from the landfill. They are also made in the USA and the employees are making a livable wage. Bravo Wally Gro!

I am also slightly obsessed with MCM architecture, furniture, design, etc. and found these laser engraved plant markers by Blue Fox Engraving on Etsy.


Why Stir?

The words in the mixer above, give you a glimpse of the subject matter that I will stir up in this blog.

I am passionate about people, politics, equal rights, and issues that face the next generation including education, climate change, and innovation.

I love to travel and have a healthy appreciation for music, art, delicious food and pleasing libations.

I always find it strange to write about myself, but now I have decided to start blogging, so here I go. I am a 40-year-old woman that currently resides in Florida, I have been a workaholic most of my life primarily in the social sector. I have had the privilege of leading organizations that work to change the world, yet all of this comes at a price – a physical and mental price for myself and the people closest to me.

So, like the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly, I have been through many changes in my life so far. I was born in the late 70’s, had a great childhood that instilled work ethic and a love for all living things into my soul, I wrapped myself with making a positive change like a chrysalis, and now I spread my wings to continue discovering and consulting around the world.

Let’s make this a two-way conversation. I would love to hear from you and know what stirs you.

Happy stirring,