Speed Blogging – Take One

Well, it has been a few weeks since I have written and I have finished my 9,000 mile trip through North America. Now I am left wondering when I can get back in my 100 sq ft of bliss and do it again!

When I last left you, I was somewhere in Canada and finding that wifi in places without people is hard to find. I really wanted to disconnect which also made posting a bit difficult, so we are going to go on a few rounds of “Speed Blogging” to catch up. It is kind of like speed dating, but without the awkward silence – or so I hope. Don’t leave me hanging 🙂

One thing I had never done was to visit Niagara Falls, and it didn’t disappoint. With my bike beneath me and my bright yellow poncho (because this girl is prepared!) in my backpack, I took off from my campsite to the Falls. A couple of tips: 1) Do this before the summer is in full swing. I know that a few weeks later the crowds were insane and I was happy that I had a little more peace and quiet on my trip. 2) Don’t drive. Take your bike or public transit (on the Candian side) and take the day to enjoy the entire area.


From there I headed to Montreal and drove along the Trans-Canada Highway to Fort Francis where I crossed back into the US. It is a bit hard to find words to describe this drive because it is lovely and full of surprises along the way. At this point in my trip, I had no agenda. I would wake up in the morning, have breakfast, and literally just drive until I found something interesting. Well, that happened a lot during this piece of my journey, and needless to say, I extended my time in Canada by a few days.

This seems to be a thing in Canada
Yes, I brought a vase to collect local flowers as I went. Doesn’t everyone love fresh flowers in their living space?
My tiny home in the distance

IMG_2549A nice tribute to Glenn Gould, a Canadian pianist who became one of the celebrated classical pianists of the 20th century. He was renowned as an interpreter of the keyboard works of Johann Sebastian Bach. Listen and enjoy!

Have to stop there! Getting ready for my #AirbnbExperience guests to arrive!




My Playlist – Part One


Music is something I have always been passionate about, and this road trip needs a soundtrack. A string of memories that will last a lifetime and bring back smiles for the miles spent on the road.

From the time I was very young, I remember musical moments having an impact and staying with me over time. As a dancer, music became even more significant in my life, and now there is nothing I can do to stop myself from moving when I hear a piece of music that stirs me. Even in my sleep, my feet move to the beat – so I have been told.

I enjoy most types of music, except for hard metal, which just makes me anxious. From country to classical my favorites crisscross genres like a Florida driver changes lanes.

This journey started with “Let the Monkey Drive” by Sparks. As time passed, I bounced around including my favorite Pandora station: Sunday Funday Brunch. This is my go to in the mornings. I love the classics! “At Last” by Ella Fitzgerald, “Unforgettable” by Louis Armstrong,  and “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra

At night the Gipsy Kings are always on the menu. This band takes me back to my early days in Sarasota, living in a warehouse, teaching, and dancing the night away at the Alley Cat Café. Listen to “Djobi Doba.” Get up and dance!

My favorite soundtrack is Reservoir Dogs, and I am a sucker for some old-school rap from Arrested Development. “Mr.Wendal” makes it to the top of this list.

I recently saw Public Service Broadcasting live in Brighton, England. If you haven’t heard them, check them out! As a lover of the space program, I get down to “Go,” but enjoy all of their work. When you combine the subject matter and artistry with the appreciation of musicians and their instruments, it is magic.

My guilty pleasure is Pink and her new album, “Beautiful Trauma” is great. I play it end to end every time and “I Am Here” needs to be played at full volume!

More to come…what song stirs you?

Oh yeah, food blends nicely with music as well! I stopped by the market after a busy day and grabbed some veggies to grill out last night. Skewered vegetables painted with a little olive oil, and S&P on the grill – voilà – dinner. I poured my first glass of Candian red wine and turned on “Both Sides” by Candian artist Joni Mitchell to round out my evening.