America the Beautiful

As I traveled north toward the Cape with scenery passing by, it made me think of the author of “America the Beautiful,” Katharine Lee Bates, who was born in Massachusetts in 1859.

Coming off the Blue Ridge Parkway and into the Shenandoah Valley, I was looking for a new adventure – a deeper stir. I stumbled upon the Luray Caverns in Virginia and was not disappointed. I read a bit about the caverns before I stopped and took a chance even though it is called a tourist attraction online and people complained about the price.

With 500,000 visitors annually, it is a destination, but it was terrific and well worth the $26!

IMG_1557Everywhere you look, there is natural art dripping from the ceiling and pushing up beneath your feet. The pool towards the middle is absolutely magical, tricking your eyes as to where the water ends and air begins.

IMG_1543After a good night’s sleep in the KOA near Gettysburg, I decided it was time to take my bike out for a spin. I found the greenbelt that encircles the city of Harrisburg and set off to City Island to find a parking spot for the Airstream. The ride was about 20 miles, and most were off the main roads. With several parks mixed with a college campus and downtown, there was plenty to look at and almost no one else on the trail which made for an enjoyable afternoon. Full disclosure…coming from Florida, the elevation changes were challenging, but a good warm up before I head west.

IMG_1545Until next time…happy trails!

4 thoughts on “America the Beautiful

  1. What app tracks your bike ride & who’s your photographer?
    The carverns do get a bad rap but they are wonderous & strange works of nature, art.


    1. I use the runtastic road bike to track. Easy to use and I like the mapping options. I take my own photographs unless I am in them and then they are taken by my road warrior, Rob 🙂 ​


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