Planning – my happy place

When I started to think about how I wanted to travel around the country, I knew that one thing I want to appreciate is the local flavors without breaking the bank on expensive restaurants – though I am sure there will be a few.


So, I started with a bit of food planning and cooking. Vegetarian ingredients, so I don’t have to worry about keeping meat, things that I can pair with local veggies I pick up at markets as I travel, AND items that could last a month in the freezer.

 Veggie chili and lasagna, dal tadka, pesto, sundried tomato pesto and roasted garlic hummus.


Since the freezer in the Airstream is small, and I try to stay away from disposables as much as possible, I bought a case of canning jars (for $8) and started chopping, sauteing and processing. I have to say, as someone new to cooking, I love America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks. They lay it out straight, give you best practices and even more importantly for a Virgo like myself, the reasons why it all matters.


Since I rented the RV in Florida, I brought it home and packed my own kitchen complete with a food processor, french press,  soda stream, and Le Creuset dutch oven.


Pulling into camp and cooking a real meal is so much fun!

Oh, by the way, there is a Le Creuset factory store in Georgia and EVERYTHING is 50% off the discounted prices. You’re welcome!



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