No blues on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Well, this is a day late, but when you combine the delicious ingredients of the past 24 hours with a visit to my bestie, the schedule goes out the window.

A friend recommended driving the Blue Ridge Parkway on my way from Charlotte to Virginia, and I am so glad he did. Thanks, T.J.!

If you haven’t been, put it on your list – the short list. The Blue Ridge Parkway runs along the spine of the Blue Ridge Mountains from North Carolina to Virginia and is known for its beauty.

I caught the parkway around the Blue Ridge Music Center and was pleased throughout the day by dappled shadows, curious wildlife, winding roads and majestic trees. Driving along America’s longest linear park was fun, even in a camper!


I stopped at Stone Mountain to enjoy a little hike in the crisp air and was again reminded of the vast beauty of the area. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but they don’t do it justice. Nonetheless, enjoy a peek into my afternoon.


Stone Mountain

As I pulled into camp last night, I caught the last bit of the sunset over the mountains, and all seems right in Virginia.

IMG_1432Looking forward to biking a bit this morning and then off for some museum action in D.C.

Which museum stirs you the most?

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