Unapologetically Glamping

Ever have the itch to jump in your car and drive into the night and see where you end up?

Or chat with friends lamenting that you wish you could take a road trip around the country?

Me too! So, that is precisely what I am doing for the next month.

I have left the corporate world behind, and exclusively working on my own consulting company that I started in early 2017. Whew- what a difference. No more commuting hours a day. No more putting dollars in someone else’s pocket. I get to establish my own vision and priorities and work with people, companies, and organizations that share the same value set.

So, off I go!


I searched high and low for a trusty vehicle for my adventure and found a perfect match on Outdoorsy, which is basically Airbnb for campers. My choice, a 24′ Airstream Interstate Grand Tour. More about her later, but as you can see from the pics, this is unapologetically glamping.


The route goes something like this. Florida to Savannah, Charlotte, D.C., New York City. Head up to the Cape continuing to Montreal (one of my favourite cities), cross Michigan, Minnesota, and North Dakota (simply because it is the only state I have not been up). Then the real fun begins in Yellowstone, Zion, and the Grand Canyon, finishing up through New Mexico, Austin, and New Orleans.

So stay tuned, if you have suggestions of places to go, bring them on. Mind you, I will be camping a bit outside of the cities, but up for adventures along the way. Crazy things to see, music, museums, a protest for something important, you get the picture!

See you in Georgia!

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