Learning to cook – at 40​!

I am sure that I am not alone here. I didn’t cook – at all! Ok, I could “make” the perfect soft boiled egg, a home-made salad dressing, and chop veggies with the best of them, but actually cooking, never.

I remember my mother trying to get me to come in from the barn (I grew up on a small ranch, but more about that later) and I would have no interest in learning how to cook. From the time I moved out at 18 to the age of 39, there was very little in my fridge. Specifically, pickles, milk, Coke, and eggs – that was it! I was lucky enough to have people in my life that loved cooking, and with working crazy hours every day, I never gave it much thought.

And to illustrate just how bad it was, I ordered takeout for my first dinner party and re-plated to look homemade, made a roast that looked the same after the leftovers sat in my fridge for months, and my kitchen towel said: “Takeout is my safe word.”

My first experiment – Dal Tadka

That all changed one day when out of the blue I decided, maybe it was time. I had started running and was being more conscious of my intake and quickly realized that would be easier if I actually made what I was eating. I thought it would be best to start with something that fits into one pot – no ‘multi-tasking’, different timings, and something I could use my new food processor on. More on kitchen tools in a later post, but I chose a recipe I found online and volià, I cooked! I was fascinated by the spices, micro-measurements, and the taste was divine.

So, I will talk a lot about food, cooking and all things edible here…because that stirs for sure!

See you tomorrow,




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